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Vision's curriculum was born out of a love for the classical model and belief that its strength lies in teaching 'with the grain'.  We embrace the trivium - the stages of educational development including grammar, logic and rhetoric.  We believe that less is often more; that you don't need much more than a stick in the sand to effectively teach. We believe in setting memory pegs early; that children can absorb through song much more than you ever believed possible.  And finally, wbelieve in discussion, debate and discourse while learning to defend our faith.  Because Vision is a cooperative education model, parent involvement is not only encouraged, but fundamental to the function of our community.  Parents play a critical role and should be prepared to contribute.

Pre-K-5th Grade

Vision’s K-5th grade is a program that nurtures a love for learning through Memory Work encompassing English Grammar, Scripture, Math, Science, History, Geography, Latin and Timeline. We also incorporate time for learning the fundamentals of the English language, Art and Presentation skills.  This program requires the parent to be present and participating fully on all on-campus class days.

Presentation skills

6th Grade

Vision’s 6th grade is a transitional program that bridges together our primary and upper school programs through Literature and 5 common topic discussions, Introductory Latin, spelling, vocabulary and handwriting, Fundamental Grammar and the IEW writing program, as well as utilizing Christian Studies II as an in depth biblical study.

Classical Education
Schooling in Community

7th Grade

Vision’s 7th grade program combines Classic Literature and an introduction to Lost tools of Writing. This year they also dive much deeper into their study of Latin. We continue bible studies and add geography, extensively covering both physical and human geography as well as cartography. General science touches briefly on many different areas, including those we will cover in depth in later years. We round out our curriculum with an introduction to logic and logical fallacies.

Socratic Circles

8th Grade

Vision’s 8th grade program combines Classic Literature by various authors combined with Lost Tools of Writing Level 1. A continuation of Latin studies, and a Biblical Overview study to prepare students for apologetics coursework.  Physical Science, as well as deductive reasoning to prepare students for more rigorous Logical studies. And finally, current events to begin honing student’s debate skills.

9th Grade

Vision’s 9th grade program combines American Literature with Lost Tools of Writing, a continuation of Latin studies, and Biology. A Biblical study in the Story of Christianity furthers the students' understanding of Christianity. Traditional Logic begins, while the students also hone in on their annotation skills with American Documents and the exploration of the principles, practices, and consequences of Economics.

Christian Studies

10th Grade

Vision’s 10th grade program combines British Literature with Lost Tools of Writing 2 Judicial Address text to refine discussion and writing skills, Latin studies including Caesar translations, Chemistry, Traditional Logic II and A Rhetoric of Love further develop logic, reasoning and presentation skills, as well as an in depth study of Christian Worldview utilizing Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live.

Homeschooling High School years
Cooperative Coop Co-Op

11th Grade

Vision's 11th grade program combines Shakespeare and A Patriot's History of the United States with Lost Tools of Writing Level 3 Deliberative Address text to further develop their writing skills in preparation for a Senior Thesis in 12th grade. Latin III studies Cicero translations using a variety of discussion methods including Freytag Pyramids. Science this year is Physics, and they finish off the second half of A Rhetoric of Love to further develop logic, reasoning and presentation skills. They also undertake an in-depth study of The Consequences of Ideas.

Senior Thesis

12th Grade

Vision's 12th grade program will include studying C.S. Lewis and world religions, an in-depth examination of Augustine's City of God and learning the skill of team policy debate. They study ancient literature from multiple cultures including Theogony, Iliad, Aeneid, Beowulf, Oedipus Rex, and The Art of War, while our Latin IV program utilizes The Vulgate for scripture translation. As most seniors will not require another science credit, this will be open as an elective to be decided  per class. Finally, they will endeavor into Senior Thesis and Defense as a capstone project.

Baseball Team

Vision's Bridge Program

Vision’s Bridge Program has been designed for parents who feel as though their student could benefit from a bridge or transitional year of high school.  


Some needs for this program include:

  • sports participation

  • not repeating any curriculum from a previous school environment or

  • the learning development of your student.  

This program can be part of a culmination of 4 years of high school studies or 5 years of high school studies depending on the need of the student.

.The program has been designed to meet all the requirements to still attain any necessary high school credits and blend seamlessly with our other programs. It incorporates poetry and literature along with the Lost Tools of Writing composition program. An apologetics course called Defending Your Faith is included to incorporate within our Christian Worldview studies. Material Logic is combined with Lincoln Douglas and Team Policy Debate, Forensic Science as well as the study of Latin Roots and The Vulgate round out this program.

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